Day 128 ~ Bell Trail Rimrock, AZ

July 31st, 2016 ~ Day 128


Eric, my daughter and I drove north today to try to beat the heat. We decided to hike to Wet Beaver Creek along Bell Trail.

Hiking along the Bell Trail brings you to a section of Wet Beaver Creek where you can jump off a rock into the water. There’s a little waterfall and a swimming hole where you can cool off.

Thinking we were beating the heat, we were wrong. The trail has no shade and was slowly getting hot. My daughter was having a hard time.


So instead of making it to the end of the trail, after a mile or so, we turned off a side trail to sit down by the creek. It must have been twenty degrees cooler down there. Still a beautiful view. We had a couple snacks before heading back to the trailhead.


Helicopters were flying back and forth over us as we hiked along. We could only assume they were doing rescues, and as we were almost to the trailhead a sheriff’s truck came along the trail.


After our hike we decided to do another side trip to Montezumas Well. Another beautiful place Arizona has to offer!