Day 258 ~ Donald Hachbarth Trail Pleasant Prarie, WI

December 8th, 2016 ~ Day 258


We made it back home to Illinois today and I had to do my daily hike. Taking my granddaughter and youngest two kids for a hike was the worst idea I have ever had. 18 degrees outside is just too cold. I’m so grateful I live in Phoenix!

At first I brought them to Lake Michigan thinking that would be a beautiful place to hike, but the wind blowing off the lake made it even colder. Although the views of the lake with the birds and the sun were beautiful, I couldn’t handle the freezing cold wind. 

So we headed over to a trail next to Lake Andrea, a smaller lake. The wind was whipping around here too, but we were heading toward the forest where the wind subsides. I decided to leave my granddaughter in her car seat and cover her with a blanket to try and keep her warm. 

A barren forest that is. All the trees here are empty except for the pine trees, which does add a little color. Pine needles scattered the earth surrounding the trees, giving us a little more color. 

It was a nicely maintained trail. I do wish I had the stroller with me, it would have worked amazingly well on this trail. Carrying a baby in the car seat was too heavy for me. I am so grateful my children can walk. 

We headed down the trail into the forest. There’s not much snow left on the ground here, but it is still bone chilling cold it hasn’t melted away. My kids wouldn’t stop complaining about the cold, and I wasn’t feeling it either. We only hiked a half a mile before we were done. Maybe this is why I never hiked when I lived here. It’s freezing!

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