Day 179 ~ Mesa Rim and Lee Cly Trails Monument Valley, AZ

September 20th, 2016 ~Day 179


Taking the scenic tour on our way home, Eric and I headed towards Monument Valley. Neither of us have ever been here and I really wanted to go. It began to sprinkle as we pulled up to the visitor center and I got the opportunity to use my new rain jacket. I was so happy to be able to use it!


We had to ask about a trail since the Bobcat Trail was closed and we were able to find two at the same starting point, the Mesa Rim Trail and the Lee Cly Trail.

Once the trails split, we stated with the Mesa Rim Trail and it was an immediate uphill climb, through the sand. This is only a half mile hike and well worth the view. It was a difficult climb uphill through the sand. The sand coming from the sandstone butte towering above us. You can really get a better look at the buttes in the distance from this vantage point. A couple of them we couldn’t see from the visitor center.


The skies were becoming foggy with the midst from the rain. It was still a light sprinkle and stopped shortly after our first half mile.


As we came down the Mesa Rim Trail, off in the distance Eric spotted some horses. So we headed down the Lee Cly Trail to see if we could get closer to them. This trail was definitely more of a level trail, but the sand was deeper. Which in turn, made it an even more difficult hike.

It looked like a red beach without any water. Beautiful in its own way. Hiking through sand, my shoes again were full. The sand was actually hurting my feet towards the end. I couldn’t wait to dump the sand out!

Total, we hiked less than two miles. It was amazingly beautiful and now I get to say I’ve been there! Love this life!

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