Day 119 ~ Middlefork Savana Lake Forest, IL

July 22nd, 2016 ~ Day 119


Arriving in Chicago at 11am, I set out to find a trail to hike. After two attempts that lead me nowhere, I found Middlefork Savana. I made it to the trailhead at one in the afternoon and being as I live in Arizona, the humidity hit me like a brick wall.

I started hiking, admiring the beauty of all the green around me. This is nothing like the desert! The trail began with a smooth sand packed trail that was very wide. There were signs along the way that explained the history of the area. A great place for hiking or riding your bike.

I was sweating very quickly. I don’t know how I grew up in this heat. I kept thinking back to how I didn’t want to move to Arizona because of the heat. The saying “it’s a dry heat” range true for me today. I’ll take 115 in Arizona’s dry heat over the 90 degrees here with 80% humidity any day.


I came to a bridge along the way and crossed a river, which according to the sign, this river is part of the Chicago river. I’ve seen the Chicago river in the city, but never in the outlying suburbs. Very cool.

I saw trees and so many different colored flowers. The trees never offered any shade,but they were beautiful to look at.


I came across these flowers and they reminded me of my childhood. I grew up next to a forest and across the street from a park with a huge dirt hill. When we were kids, we would pretend to go on adventures and we would suck the sweetness out of these flowers as if we were foraging food and this was our meal. It was a great time being a kid. I love it because now I get to go on bigger adventures!

I ended up with less than two miles. I’ll say it took the easy way out. There are over seven miles of trails in this preserve, but I just couldn’t handle the heat. Tomorrow will be an earlier day.