Day 250 ~ Woodchute Wilderness Jerome, AZ

November 30th, 2016 ~ Day 250

It was 38 degrees this morning, and I decided instead of going hiking out there in the dark freezing cold weather, I would just stay in bed. Today is Eric’s birthday and I have the day off to celebrate, so we headed to Jerome for the day.

The three of us arrived in Jerome and went to one of the shops, most of them weren’t open yet. Eric suggested a hike, the one I had done back in May. So driving through Jerome up the winding curves of Mingus Mountain, we arrived at the Woodchute Wilderness.

The road to the trailhead was a sheet of ice. We decided to park off the main road and walk to the trailhead. Woodchute Trail #102 has amazing views from the top of the mountain. Catching glimpses of Mt. Humphries and the valley below. We were blessed to be hiking through a forest of snow covered pine trees on a beautiful day. It’s funny because the temperature here was only thirty degrees.

Capturing the snow that had naturally formed into a ball on the pine needles has to be my favorite image. I have only hiked in the snow once before when I had hiked Mt. Whitney back in June. Although we weren’t really prepared for this weather, this was definitely a much easier hike. Another experience to add to this journey.

We hiked along the road through the Woodchute Wilderness, slipping and sliding on the ice, taking in all of the beauty surrounding us. Seeing deer tracks in the snow. It was cold, but at least the sun was shining on us. I’m so grateful to share Eric’s day with him.

Surprised to find a frozen pond along the side of the road, it added to the experience of hiking in the cold snowy mountains. Skipping rocks across the icy pond. We had just watched a video of someone doing this. The sound we heard was not quite what we watched, but it was still pretty amazing. Growing up in the cold winters of Illinois, I never thought to skip a rock across the ice.

Eventually we made it to the actual trailhead where Hannah signed us in. I decided to go through the gate and take a few steps on the actual trail before heading back. It’s just as beautiful in the snow as it was in the summer.

Just as we were almost back to the car, I caught a sight of Mt. Humphries. Seeing glimpses of Humphries Peak covered in snow along our hike, I finally was able to capture it.

It was a beautiful day celebrating Eric. I’m happy his daughter was able to join us on this adventure. It’s just another beautiful day in this amazing life!

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Day 58 ~ Woodchute Trail Jerome, AZ

May 22nd, 2016 ~ Day 58


Today’s hike was another awesome Meetup with Trail Mix. We had a big group of people. Too many familiar faces to name them all.


I’ve never had an opportunity to hike in Jerome, so I was really excited for this hike. I spent the night in Flagstaff and headed to the trail early in the morning.

We started at 7200 feet of elevation. The smell of pine was overwhelming as we started on the trail. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay in the pine trees for long.

The views were breathtaking being so high up in the tree tops. We could see mountain ranges for miles!

After a little over a mile and a half, I made the decision to turn around. After hiking the canyon the day before, I was feeling a little sick. I think the elevation had a lot to do with it. I thought it would be best for myself and the group if I turned around.

On my way back I ran into some horses. Very cool! I ended up with a little over three and a half miles of hiking. Not so bad after hiking 23 miles yesterday.