Day 198 ~ Mission Creek Stonehouse to Pacific Crest Trail Desert Hot Springs, CA

October 9th, 2016 ~ Day 198


After an exhausting day yesterday, I decided to sleep in my car last night rather than put up my tent. Waking up to the beautiful colors along the horizon along with Mount San Jacinto, I opened the hatch of my car to enjoy the beauty encompassing me. I lay there watching and waiting for the sun to rise, wishing this were my everyday!

Slowly I climbed out of bed to get my day started. Not having to hurry was a huge relief. I made my coffee and ate my breakfast staring in wonder at the beauty that was all around me.


In trying to charge my phone, I killed my car battery. Thank goodness my cousin had jumper cables to jump my car. So, before we went on our next adventure, we jump started my car.


Our campsite is only two miles from the PCT! When I saw that online, I knew I had to go. The first time I heard of the Pacific Crest Trail was from a friend of mine in program. I immediately did some research and knew one day, I would be hiking this trail. I have never been so close as I was today! So excited for this moment!


I was so anxious to step on the PCT for the first time. The excitement was killing me! We didn’t get started on our journey until almost nine and the heat was kicking in. There was no shade on this trail and it was hot!

Hiking through a valley surrounded by mountains, it was amazing in itself! California is in a drought and as we hiked along the dry riverbed with dried grass, you could tell this area was affected as well. From what I was told, half the year the river does have water. Maybe I’ll have to come back here in the spring.


After our two mile hike, we made it! For the first time in my life, my feet are on the Pacific Crest Trail! What an awesome moment in life. One I will never be able to forget. Definitely a dream come true!!! When I get the chance to come back and actually hike this trail, this spot will be that much more special to me.


Hiking back to the Stonehouse was just as amazing as hiking to the PCT. Granted the heat was rising at ten in the morning, but the views made it so worth it! I don’t care where I am, as long as I’m hiking life is good.


Back at the Stonehouse, we were done with out journey. The weekend was over. We got into our cars and parted ways. This leg of the journey was over. A beautiful place I will forever hold in my heart. I will be back to visit again and I hope it’ll be many more time in this lifetime.

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