Day 364 ~ North Mountain Preserve Phoenix, AZ

March 24th, 2017 ~ Day 364

With only one day to go on this journey, I had great intentions of doing some awesome hiking today. I had worked at our Paradise Valley office today, and I planned to do any trail I have never done before. Thinking I would end this year on an amazing exploratory adventure.

However, that didn’t happen, I was exhausted after work and didn’t really want to work for my hike today. So I decided to hike around the valley of the North Mountain Preserve instead on the easy flat trails that wouldn’t cause me too much exhaustion.

Starting out on Trail #100 from the North Mountain Visitor Center, I began my hike. I happened to be wearing all black and at 5 pm, the sun was still shining brightly. It was a much warmer hike than I had anticipated. With my clothes heating up my core, I felt ever more exhausted. At the first junction I made a right, my intent for this hike was to now get over with as soon as possible.

As I made my way around the circle, I noticed the flowers were still in bloom. I love springtime in the desert. All you need to do is get to a trail and you are in a desert wildflower botanical garden. It truly is a beautiful sight!

I followed the circle around which took me along Trail 306 leading me towards the trailhead. Capturing a view of North Mountain standing tall in the distance. I made it back to the visitor center with just over a mile and a half hike. Enough for me to continue on this journey of hiking everyday for a year. Only one day to go on this amazing journey!!!

Join me on my journey of hiking every day for 365 days, to see all that I can see! Never miss out on a post and “like” me on Facebook , check out my videos on YouTube, and for more photos follow me on Flick and Instagram!

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