Day 361 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

March 21st, 2017 ~ Day 361

It was a beautiful evening for a hike. Tonight would be a quick one, I just have too much to do today. Parking at 67th Avenue, my whole goal was to get at least a mile in today. Debating between doing the flat trail or doing some elevation, I decided I would begin with the old route my friend Lori and I used to always do. This route would get me uphill a little bit and since it was going to be a short hike, I thought I would make it just a little bit harder.

I immediately headed uphill on the Desert Iguana Trail, which lasts for about half a second or a tenth of a mile. Coming to the first intersection I made a right and was now on the Chuckwalla Trail. Still climbing uphill a little higher.

Hiking along the Chuckwalla Trail ridgeline, if you could call it that, I looked back to see the sun still high in the sky. I guess there will be no more early sunsets, the days are getting longer as summer comes upon us. The temperature was 91 degrees out tonight, it didn’t feel hot, but the heat is on its way.

Once at the base of the Chuckwalla Trail, I decided instead of continuing on uphill, because this would be a quick hike, I would turn on the Sunrise Trail to head back to the trailhead.

The flowers still scattered all about on the hillside. Taking it all in where I can because they won’t last long with the heat coming. I have never seen so many flowers.

As I continued along the trail, I realized the grass is no longer green. We’re beginning to become the brown dried desert we once were. Soon that is all we will be. Still beautiful, but brown rather than green.

One last photo on the Sunrise Trail before I turned on the Coach Whip Trail that would bring me back to the parking lot. My hike ended up being less than a mile. I didn’t meet my goal, but still, I made it to the trails and went for a hike. Another day in this amazing life hiking everyday for 365 days!

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