Day 360 ~ Deem Hills Circumference Trail Phoenix, AZ

March 20th, 2017 ~ Day 360

An early morning sunrise hike at Deems Hill, Eric and I decided to head east on the Circumference Trail today going up the hill, avoiding the shirtless man wandering the parking lot. No idea what he was doing, but we figured we’d be safer if we didn’t find out.

It was dark out, but light enough when we began our hike, we didn’t need our headlamps. The colors of the sunrise were beginning to show their beauty as we made our way up the trail.

Climbing up to the saddle felt easier this time than the last time I had done this. The flowers were in bloom on the saddle of Deem Hills as well. The yellow flowers, mixed in with the white of the cholla cacti and the beautiful green, made for a stark contrast of colors.

Coming down the other side of the saddle we found even more flowers. Spring has sprung here in the desert and it’s such a beautiful place to be!

Making our way around the east side of the mountain, the sun was beginning to brighten up the sky with a soft shade of pink. The valley between the two hills at Deems still fully green. There weren’t as many flower in the valley, none really. Still it is gorgeous to me.

As we began to turn and head west around the hill, the sun began peaking out over the horizon. Casting it rays on the mountainside make the desert come alive with it’s beauty. If I could, I would be out here all the time!

Welcome to the first day of spring! The flower here in the desert are in their full grandeur. I can’t believe how overgrown the plants, flowers, or possibly weeds, have become. Standing almost to Eric’s shoulders, I had to snap a picture of the height they have become.

Heading back to the trailhead there were even more flowers to see on the west side of the mountain. The length of the entire Circumference Trail is 5.73 miles, but at the saddle, you can chose the skip the other half, which we did, making our hike just under 3 miles today. Another beautiful day in this life and on this journey. Only five days to go!!!

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