Day 356 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

March 16th, 2017 ~ Day 356

Meeting with my daughter’s girl scout troop tonight, the girls were planning on leading a meeting for a younger troop and taking the kids on a hike. I was all for it! Realizing it would be a small hike, a couple of the siblings of the girls in the troop and Lonnie our leaders husband decided to go on a big hike, so I joined them. 

The flowers were amazing! We were on the far north east side of Thunderbird Mountain. It’s been awhile since I’ve been over here for a hike. I was surprised to see so many flowers. 

Being as this was my second hike of the day, I was a little nervous. I do have a big hike tomorrow and I hoped I wasn’t killing my legs. I pushed on anyway. I’ll survive, I would always much rather be hiking. 

With the sun shining down upon us, the colors of the desert were so vibrant. The mountains across the valley looked so amazing with all the green. I hope the winters here continue to be as beautiful as they have been this year. 

We made it to the top. Once at the peak, we wandered around a short while and I noticed another side trail I never new existed. I set out to explore, I wanted to know how far it went. It never ended, or so it seemed. I couldn’t tell with the tall brush how far it would lead. After a quarter mile or so, I decided to turn around and come back to the group. I’ll save the exploring for another day. We had to get back to the girl scout troop. 

The girls staring off into the city below. I wish my kids liked hiking as much as they do. 

We caught the sunset as we headed down the side of the mountain. A beautiful evening! Making it back to the trailhead, I was so happy we set out on this hike. My legs felt great! Adding two and a half more miles to my journey of hiking everyday for 365 days!

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