Day 343 ~ North Mountain Phoenix, AZ

March 3rd, 2017 ~ Day 343

Meeting my friend Jason at the parking lot off 7th Street and Peoria, we set out for an evening hike up North Mountain. We began by climbing up the rocky mountainside to get to the paved road that is North Mountain. 

As we began, the mountains off in the distance to the east, I believe one of them is Piestewa Peak, were bright and colorful from the sun casting it’s rays on the valley. 

We made it up the mountainside, a quarter mile or so, to the pavement. Looking north across the valley, the evening seemed so peaceful. 

A better view of the mountains to the east, still colorful from the sunlight. It amazes me how many mountains are here in the valley and the houses surrounding them. I wonder how many of those people actually go hiking. I wish I lived that close to a mountain, I’d continue to be out here hiking everyday. 

A view of the valley between Shaw Butte and North Mountain… so green. The air this evening had a smoggy/foggy feel. You couldn’t see some mountain ranges far off in the distance. 

Everything is coming alive! I don’t know the name of this plant, but the colors it has to offer are just so beautiful! I love the purple!

Almost to the top of the mountain the mountains to the east were turning even more red and colorful! Such an amazing sight to see. The progression of the sunlight casting is rays on the mountains as I climbed uphill. 

We skipped the gate this time and made it to the top of the peak! Just in time too, as the sun was beginning to set over the White Tank Mountain Range. It was a  beautiful evening for a hike!

Jason and I made our way downhill, faster than we had going up. It always seems that way. I’m grateful for my friend who I haven’t hiked with in months, when we used to go together all the time. 

Hiking isn’t just about the beauty of nature or the quiet peaceful moments hiking alone, it’s about sharing the experience with people as well. I think that is the best experience! I’m so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life to share my love of hiking. Love this life!!!

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