Day 342 ~ L.V.Trail #8 Phoenix, AZ

March 2nd, 2017 ~ Day 342

Sometimes I have to travel to another one of our seven valley locations for work. Today happened to be one of those days. Working out out of Paradise Valley today, I decided to wait until after work to go for my hike. There are so many trails on this side of town, and so I thought I would get out there and do something I haven’t done before. 

It’s amazing how many trails are here in the valley, let alone the state of Arizona. There is so much I have yet to explore. One day I will have the opportunity to say I’ve done them all!

Beginning my hike from the 40th Street trailhead just south of Shea Blvd, I headed up the L.V. Yates Trail. I chose this trailhead because it happened to be only a few minutes from the office. I am somewhat familiar with the area and since I would be hiking alone I believed this would be a popular trail and I wouldn’t really be alone. 

I was full of excitement as I began my hike. I was going to be hiking a new trail, at least a portion of. I’ve hike the first section of the L.V. Yates Trail before, but I have always turned off onto Trail 100. This is a nice sized parking lot for the Meetups, whom I’ve hiked here with, where we can fit a good amount of cars for our groups. 

I found the obituary on L.V. Yates describing who he was and why this trail was named after him….

For more than 30 years, Yates hosted the “Know Your Resources” workshop series, teaching “city folk” about the wonders of Arizona’s natural resources. The L. V. Yates Trail named after him in the Phoenix Mountains is a testimony to the work he did to preserve that resource for future generations.

Hiking up the trail on the section I’ve done before, up to the intersection of Trail 100. After that point I would be covering new territory. My excitement was growing! I love covering new ground. 

The green desert was abundant here as well as it has been in other parts of the city’s desert. 

As I climbed higher up the mountain I could slowly see more of the valley. Spectacular views of mountains all around. 

I came upon a fork in the road and I didn’t know which way to go. I decided to follow the two bit peak sign. Why not? The other way didn’t have a sign. I assumed I was still on the L.V. Yates Trail, but who knows. 

I continued climbing uphill a short while longer. This is a hard climb. The tempature being in the 70’s didn’t help much either. Capturing more sensational views before deciding it was time to head home to my babies.

I happened to find a photo on Facebook, taken back in August, from almost the same view as the one I captured today. I merged the two photos to show how green our desert really is. The first photo was taken only six months ago and that is what we typically see here in the valley, a dirt/sand covered valley. It truly is an amazing sight to see. In nine years I have never seen so much green!

Hiking downhill was a little difficult on the knees. I didn’t realize while climbing how high I really was, no wonder why this was so difficult for me to climb up. 

I snapped one last photo of the amazing green grass with the sunlight shining down on it. One last image before my hike was over. I’m so glad I set out to explore some new trails. Life could never get dull if you area always exploring. Love this life!

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