Day 338 ~ First Water Trail to Hackberry Springs Apache Junction, AZ

February 26th, 2017 ~ Day 338

Heading to the Superstition Mountains to try out a new trail, Eric and I began our hike from the First Water Trailhead overflow parking lot, and from there we took a trail to the First Water Trailhead, to hike the First Water Trail to Hackberry Springs. Having never been here, we had no idea where we were going. With the beautiful views, immediate from the moment we stepped foot on the trail, I was excited for today’s adventure. Excited to get the opportunity to explore new territory!

At the First Water Trailhead we ran into a stewardess. After talking to her and following her directions, we made the first left after about a half mile, hoping we were on the correct path. Crossing over a creek shortly after our turn, I believe it may have been First Water Creek. I’ve always been told there isn’t water in the Superstitions, but I guess with all the rain there could be. 

We continued on what we thought was the correct trail. Traveling through parts unknown for us. It was an easy enough trail, had we not been sure where to go, we could always go back the way we had come. Who wants to get lost in the Superstition Mountains? Not me, that’s for sure. 

We finally ran into some people and we were able to ask if we were heading the right direction. Guess what, we were! So we continued on without worry on our hike. 

Stopping for a break, we sat on the ground to enjoy a snack, and enjoy the beauty around us as well. There is something so peaceful about sitting still in the outdoors enjoying the quiet sounds of nature. While hiking you hear the sounds of nature over the sounds of your footsteps. 

Timing is everything. Thank goodness we did stop for that snack because at the next trail crossing, we ran into a nice man named Keith. We asked him for directions and instead he offered to guide us to Hackberry Springs. 

The colors changing on the mountainside, so bright and vivid on this cloudy day. Still more majestic views surrounding us. Keith guided us through the Superstitions. We were no longer on First Water Trail, we happen to be on a trail with no name heading toward Hackberry Springs. 

As we stopped for a moment to take in the views, Keith snapped our photo. A wonderful tour guide!

More beautiful views of the Superstition Mountains. I couldn’t get enough. Having never explored this area, it was amazing to see so much different terrain. 

We crossed over a portion of water and thought this may be Hackberry Springs. I asked Keith and he didn’t know, so we continued on without exploring the area. Trying to keep up with our guide we hiked along. 

Coming to more water, Keith explained that this was First Water Creek. More beauty in the Superstitions! There is just so much to explore here, one day I hope to get the opportunity to explore it all!

As soon as we crossed First Water, Keith went on to explore in another direction. Our wonderful guide left us. Leaving us with the simple directions to make it back to the trailhead. We said our farewells and set out to investigate the ranch that lay just before us, before heading over the hill to our car. 

A portion of the old ranch. A pavilion of sorts still stood. Grass and brush covered the area. The fencing holding up strong. A part of the windmill still standing tall, towering above. A rustic piece of history. The Superstition Mountains has many stories to tell. I only wish I had more time to learn them…one day!

One last picture of the beauty we just hiked through before we headed over the ridge, back to our car. Just a quick quarter mile left and we were done. A four and a half mile hike, on a beautiful day, exploring in the amazing Superstition Mountains! Love this life!

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