Day 336 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

February 24th, 2017 ~ Day 336

I noticed the ground was damp as I pulled into the parking lot, and the smell of creosote hit me like a wall as I opened the door of my car. Parking at the base of Thunderbird Mountain at the lot off 59th Avenue, I began my usual 1.6 mile hike. The moon just slightly over the mountain across the street, captured beautifully in this photo. I believe there may be a planet in there too. 

Darkness surrounded me as I began my hike alone. I haven’t hiked in the dark alone for awhile. It was 40 degrees out and I was freezing! My hands were becoming numb when I held my flashlight. I had to switch hands constantly. 

From the top of the peak you could tell the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon. The city lights aglow. A beautiful morning for a hike!

A much prettier view of the mountains in the dark. The twinkle of the lights. Shaw Butte off in the distance. I couldn’t get enough. 

My hand beginning to get really numb, feeling as if they were frost bitten. I guess I’m not used to this cold weather. One thing about Arizona, it won’t stay cold for long. Soon we’ll be back in the 100’s.

As I came over the last ridge before heading downhill, I captured the final picture of the sun almost rising over the horizon. The colors becoming a brighter shade of yellow and orange. A fiery glow above the city lights. A beautiful way to end a beautiful hike. Love this life!

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