Day 334 ~ Phoenix Mountain Preserve Phoenix, AZ

February 22nd, 2017 ~ Day 334

I finally did it! I finally got up for an early morning hike. It was a dark and chilly morning with a beautiful crescent moon. (You could hardly tell from my photo).

I met Eric at the parking lot at 7th Street and Thunderbird Avenue. We started out heading west on an unmarked trail. Following it along towards the North Mountain Visitor Center. 

Since we were early and I was excited to be out here hiking, when we came to the crossroads to head back to the North Mountain Visitor Center, we decided to go on instead of heading back. Hiking along, now on the Trail 100, we would gain an extra mile for our hike. 

It started to become lighter out. The colors of the sky beginning to form. My camera would only allow the moon to be a blur. It was very frustrating to try and capture a decent picture of the moon. 

From the Trail 100, we turned off onto Trail 101. Coming to the crossroads after about a half mile, we headed north, back onto an unnamed trail through the Preserve. 

As we hiked along this unnamed trail along 7th Street, we found a field of flowers. I love that spring is already here in Phoenix. 

We made it back to our cars in good time. It felt so good to not have the anxiety all day of trying to figure out when I would get my hike in. The best part, I was able to go 2.5 miles! More than I’ve been able to do on any of my evening hikes. It was a great morning for a hike! Love this life!!!

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