Day 332 ~ Runyon Canyon Trail Los Angeles, CA

February 20th, 2017 ~ Day 332

Runyon Canyon is the place to hike in LA, or so I’ve been told. Supposedly with its proximity to the city a lot of celebrity’s come here for a hike. We didn’t see any. 

One thing about this park I wasn’t told, is that there is no parking. Having to park off the city street a block and a half away, I did a little urban hiking. I’m grateful for it, because the beauty I was able to experience in the photo above, was well worth it!

Runyon Canyon is located in Los Angeles, an urban park, the first we’ve done all weekend that wasn’t in Griffith Park. The park is located at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Our trail began up a fire road, where access is gated off to vehicles. From what we could tell, we would be hiking a loop. We could either go downhill over and back uphill, or we could continue up the fire road, that of which we did. 

It was a foggy morning out here on the trail. Hiking amidst the mist. The clouds were coming in and covering the hills we were heading towards. 

Foggy views of the city below, a city which you can barely see. The green grass so superb in its bright vivid color. I thought Arizona was green, Arizona has nothing over the beautiful green of California. I’m glad we came here to experience this beauty. 

Hilly landscapes surrounding us as we continued to head uphill. Valleys all around this canyon. I’ve never been to this part of California. I’ve been to Hollywood, but at the time, I wasn’t out here exploring nature. California is such a beautiful place to hike!

As we climbed higher, looking into the canyon below, we saw what appeared to be a circle of rocks on a side trail below. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have time to get closer and check out the interesting piece of work. 

It continued to get misty out, the higher up we climbed. Coming closer to the fog that was behind me, stood a house. You couldn’t tell from this photo though, as it’s covered in the fog. 

As we made it to the highest point of elevation in the park, 1320 feet, known as Indian Rock, we were ready to head downhill. 

We ran into a dog who looked like Max, my mom’s doberman. Seeing this dog reminded me of my mom. A reminder to me that maybe my mom is actually with me on this journey. Now in heaven, she can finally join me on my hikes like she always wished she could do. 

We came to the edge of an overlook to capture a sweeping view of Los Angeles, still covered in fog. There wasn’t much to see. We don’t get this kind of weather in Phoenix, so for us, this is amazing!

As we headed downhill, the fog began to clear up the lower our elevation. You could see more of the city below. We couldn’t be sure where L.A. actually was, as there were two set of high rises. One set to our left and the other to our right. 

Heading towards the base of the mountain, we could see the trail on the other side, the one we just hiked up. We didn’t get any rain on this hike, just damp from hiking through the foggy clouds. It was a beautiful day for a hike.

We finished our hike coming the end of the other entrance for Runyon Canyon Park. Rather than head back uphill and then down again, we headed back downhill through the neighborhood streets to our car. A nice little loop about two and a half miles.

California and Runyon Canyon are beautiful! I couldn’t live here, but I will be back to visit and hiking some more amazing places is definitely on the agenda. I’m so grateful it was suggested that we do this hike. It didn’t disappoint.

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