Day 330 ~ Bronson Caves Los Angeles, CA

February 18th, 2017 ~ Day 330

After trying to make it to the Hollywood Sign Trail, which had no parking, we decided to head over to the Bronson Caves Trail. Luckily here we found a parking spot here. 

As soon as we came out of the car, we found water was rushing down the mountain from the recent rains alongside the road. The air was still damp and chilly, and the ground was muddy. 

We began heading up the hill to Bronson Caves, where the original Batman television show was filmed way back in 1966, I think. The Bronson Caves are located in the amazing Griffith Park. We are on the other side of the park from where we hiked yesterday. I really do like this place, it has so much to offer. 

The trail was a sandy road again today, but the mountainside rock was a different color than yesterday, a dark rich black. The green grass still lush and vibrant. 

As we climbed up the road, you could see the cave as we came around a corner. It seemed so small. It looked as if it was blocked by dirt and rock that had washed off the side of the mountain. 

Coming upon the cave, it was full of water. You weren’t able to go all the way through unless you wanted to get your feet muddy. Standing at the edge of the cave was good enough for me. 

We decided to go around to the other side of the cave to see what we could find. Tucked in a valley of mountains with the dark rock and green grass was another beautiful sight. Boulders littered the ground from falling off the mountainside. 

On this side of the cave the ground wasn’t covered in water. We were able to get part way inside the cave without stepping in water. I made it about halfway through before stopping. As I stood in the darkness I could see light coming from either side of the main entrance I had traveled, there were three openings on this end. 

Our hike to the cave was only a half mile, but to see a piece of Hollywood history, it was worth the small hike. Besides, my son loves batman, and I get to tell him his mommy was in the bat cave. 

As we headed back to the trailhead, off in the distance we caught a glimpse of the Hollywood sign. We took a side trail uphill to get a better view. Even though we weren’t able to hike the Hollywood Sign Trail, it was pretty sweet to still catch a peak at the sign itself. A beautiful day for a hike as I continue on this journey of hiking everyday for 365 days!

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