Day 329 ~ Skyline Trail Los Angeles, CA

February 2017 ~ Day 329

Arriving in California in the early morning, Eric and I set out to do a hike before heading over to his son’s house. (We’re in town to meet his new granddaughter.)

We found this hike on AllTrails. They called it the Old Zoo Trail which is located in Griffith Park. Judging by the pictures on the website, it looked pretty awesome! I followed the GPS to the parking lot and we began our hike, immediately going uphill on a sandy road. 

The sign at the trailhead read “Skyline Trail”, with sections of the trail named after animals. Having never been here, we assumed we were on the right track. I was excited to see what the pictures on the Web had showed. 

The green grass was bright and lush. The darker green of the bushes added to the amazing color contrast. It made the brown color of the trail stand out. The walls of the mountains, washed away, reminding me of mud slides you always hear about in California. 

We found the remains of of the water damage that created crevasses in the mountainside. It looked like this entire mountain was made of sand. 

Continuing uphill it began to sprinkle with a light rain. The ground was already damp from the previous rains. With the cloudy skies, I believe it made the colors surrounding us even brighter. 

A sea of flowers greeted us on the hillside as we continued uphill. It’s springtime here in California as well. The flowers reminded me of Easter, which is just around the corner. 

Climbing over a ridge I was expecting to see this old zoo, but got nothing. Reading the signs we were wondering where this old zoo was. We wandered of in another direction, towards the overlook of Mount Sinai Cemetery, trying to get a little more mileage.

Deciding that maybe the zoo was a lot father than we expected and running low on time, we decided to head downhill making our hike a loop back to our car. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see the old zoo, but I was more excited to me this new granddaughter. 

So many more flowers arrived as we began our hike downhill. 

A rustic water tower off in the distance. The trails downhill were just as beautiful. The green grass never failed to amaze me. Even though Phoenix is greener than I’ve ever seen it, California tops us by 100 percent. 

Once we were off the trail, we hiked through a park, then onto the road to get to our car. Along the way we found a squirrel. Not many of these in Arizona, at least, rarely have I seen one. 

Just before we arrived at the car we saw the trains from the Travel Town Museum. Which was pretty cool to see massive locomotives on the side of the road. I like this place, Griffith Park. 

It was a beautiful day for a hike! With just a little rain, nothing too bad, it added to the beauty.  A great way to start our California Adventure! 

Now it was time to meet the family, the whole reason why we’re here. 

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