Day 328 ~ Phoenix Mountain Preserve Phoenix, AZ

February 16th, 2017 ~ Day 328

Hiking in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, I headed out for a quick hike. There was just too much to do tonight and I still needed to pack for my trip to California tomorrow. I started out on Trail 306 taking the first left that leads you towards the North Mountain Visitor Center. Only to come to Trail 100 and head back to the trailhead. 

Flowers on the Creosote Bush are in bloom and the colors of this cactus are alive. It’s only the middle of February and our desert is beginning to look like springtime.

Once on Trail 100 I hiked a little ways before heading back to the trailhead. My anxiety was high because there was still so much to do tonight and being out in the desert hiking wasn’t getting any of those things done. 

As I headed towards the trailhead, the colors of the sky began to light up. Unfortunately for me, there was a mountain between us so I couldn’t really see the full effect. I felt desperate to see more, to see what the sun had to offer this evening. 

I decided since I was making this a short hike, I would take the official Trail 306 back to the trailhead. Once I came to the road that leads you downhill, I realized there was a trail on the other side of the road and I noticed the sky becoming a deeper shade of red. Off I went, to go and explore. 

Feeling a little adventurous, as I’ve never been on this trail, my curiosity led me on. For a moment, I wasn’t thinking about what needed to be done. I rushed on in anticipation for the beauty I could possibly see.

I continued on this unknown trail, until finally, the sun’s descent was almost complete. I captured a shot as best I could around the far north side of the mountain, before turning around. The colors, so vibrant. I was grateful I chose to do this. I didn’t make it to the end of this section of the trail, but now that I know it’s here, I’ll be back to explore more. 

Even with the anxiety, I felt really good today. More like myself than ever. I believe it’s true, that time heals all wounds. I just wish mine would heal faster. For the days I didn’t want to be out here on the trails, I’m now glad I came. I didn’t see it at the time, but hiking and the outdoors can really heal a soul and this is just the beginning of my healing process. 

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