Day 324 ~ Pinnacle Peak Trail Scottsdale, AZ

February 12th, 2017 ~ Day 324

Today I get to hike the trails with my good friend Ian from Canada while he’s visiting Phoenix. Deciding on where to go, I chose Pinnacle Peak. Since I haven’t been to Pinnacle Peak in my 365 day journey, I thought today would be a perfect day.

Pinnacle Peak Trail is a trail in Scottsdale Arizona. A beautiful well maintained trail I’ve only hiked once before. It’s a 3.5 mile hike with 1188 elevation gain, a good start to get me on track with hiking with more mileage than I’ve been doing lately. Plus I get to spend time with my old friend. 

The trail begins heading uphill through some switchbacks. An easy climb with no more than 1200 feet of elevation gain, to which grants you the beautiful views across the desert landscape. The cholla, green from the recent rain, stand tall. Everything in our desert is green. It’s been an amazingly green winter. I’m loving it!

Pinnacle Peak is a very busy trail. One of the most popular in the area. The trails are winding with a lot of switchbacks and as you go up you then continue downhill. We made our way through the trail. Stopping for moments to take in the amazing beauty that surrounded us. 

We made it to the end of the 1.75 mile trail before heading back the way we had come. This side of the trail ends with and easy downhill hike. We could possibly be at the same elevation we had as we begun this hike, but I’m not positive. Now for the difficult part, of heading up the steep mountain back to the trailhead. Luckily the trail is not all uphill. 

Back at the trailhead, I saw this amazing piece of architecture. A massive covered seating area. A beautiful structure!

At the car, I snapped a picture of what I believe is Pinnacle Peak. I’m not quite sure as this is only my second time being here. 

Today was the first hike since my mom passed away that I hiked with anyone other that my family. I was excited to see my friend and I think this day was good for me to get outside of the box I’ve been building up around myself. I felt a little more joy in my life. A new beginning for me as I am coming to the end of this journey. 

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