Day 320 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

February 9th, 2017 ~ Day 320

Eric and I met at Thunderbird Mountain with a plan to climb to the top of Thunderbird and watch the sunset. A busy evening on the trails with the parking lot full, we had to park at separate ends. 

We thought we had missed the sunset as we came around the mountain. It looked as though the sun was barely visible. We kept on, knowing even if we missed the the sun setting, the color display had yet to show itself. 

We only had a half mile before we came to our spot. Eric brought a tarp for us to sit on and we settled in to enjoy the view. As the sun went down over the mountain the colors only became more vibrant.

They continued to glow over the White Tank Mountains lighting up the sky. It was nice to sit down and enjoy the sunset rather than hiking through it. I can’t say for sure the last time I’ve watched the sunset. Something about it put my soul at peace this evening. 

It became a little darker once the sunset was complete and the city lights began to shine. Little specks of light dotted across the valley below. 

As night quickly began to fall, we packed up to head back to the trailhead, not wanting to get kicked off the mountain again. We started going out our usual way, but something gave me the feeling we should go back the way we had come. Turning around to hike out the way we came, we only saw a couple of flashlights in the distance, the trails weren’t so crowded anymore.

I’m glad we chose the way we did. As we came around the mountain I heard someone yell, not sure of what it was. It sounded like a wounded animal. Turns out, it was a woman looking for a little seven year old girl named Emily. I begged her to call the police and told her I would drive around the parking lot to look for the little girl. 

As I was driving the parking lot looking for Emily, the ranger came up behind me. I gave her all the info I had in regards to where I had last seen everyone. She told me the police and helicopter were on their way. So we decided to leave thinking we would just be in the way. I needed to get home to my kids anyway. I pray the little girl is safe!

I’d also like to mention I lost another friend today. My friend Wayne, who was always so good to me. I must have been good to him too, because that man just loved me. May he rest in peace. ❤

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