Day 317 ~ Phoenix Mountain Preserve Phoenix, AZ

February 5th, 2017 ~ Day 317


Starting out on Trail 306, Eric and I began our hike from the parking lot on Central Avenue just south of Thunderbird Avenue. A beautiful day for a hike, but there is a sadness hanging over me and my heart feels so heavy. I still don’t want to be here. I want this pain to go away. I know it never will, I just don’t want it to hurt so bad. 

We decided to take a different route. Over a ledge that’ll bring us to a loop where we can head back to the trailhead. I want to make this hike as short as possible. 


We came around the loop and I was done. We began heading back to the trailhead. With a view of North Mountain off in the distance, I began to sob. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. The pain washing over me as my tears began to flow. One day, I pray, like will become normal again and I will be able to continue this love of hiking. 

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