Day 307 ~ Coach Whip Trail Glendale, AZ

January 26th, 2016 ~ Day 307

Today’s hike began just like an other. An evening hike after work, I started out on 67th Avenue. Looking for a quick mile hike so I could get home to my kids and boyfriend for dinner. I went along the flat trails next to 67th Avenue.

The green grass caught my eye. It’s growing so fast here in the desert. Not only has there been so much of it lately, it’s getting longer. It’s still amazing to me how much grass there is. Our desert is no longer brown and dried, but green and wet.

Is that snow? I wasn’t sure if that was what I was seeing or not, but that is what it looked like to me.

Zooming in on the camera for a better view, I could see it was snow. I stopped to ask a couple if they could see it too. Of course they could. As I took a closer look, I realized it must be the Bradshaw Mountains again. I never realized I could see them from Glendale.

My hike was only a mile long. Enough for me to continue on this journey. I was headed home to eat dinner with my family. Little did I know, I wouldn’t be having dinner with the family and that my life would be forever changed from this day forward.

Just after I got home from my hike, I received a phone call from my dad telling me my mom had passed away. My world stopped. I rushed over to her house to find her lying on her kitchen floor. She was gone. Laying there looking as if she were sleeping peacefully.

I was crushed! How? Why? Questions that would have no answers. The rest of that evening was a haze. I only know now that my life now is forever changed without my mom.

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