Day 305 ~ Deem Hills Phoenix, AZ

January 25th, 2017 ~ Day 305

The mountain looked so majestic as we arrived at the trailhead. Looming over us as Eric and I began our hike on the Circumference Trail heading north this time.

The sun shining brightly on the trail, made the colors of the desert come alive. Glowing so brightly with sharp contrasts, was a beauty to behold.

Saguaro, sunlight and skies, just some of the beautiful views I get the opportunity to see in the amazing Arizona desert!

More vibrant colors of the desert as we came around the north side of the mountain. The clouds to the north of us looked like rain. Sweeping sheets of water off in the distance looked like clouds had made their way to the earth.

As we began heading south, I turned around to find the clouds and the rains behind us. Not a single drop was falling on us, yet I wanted to hurry in case it was coming our way.

As we continued heading south towards the saddle it began, the beautiful color show in the sky! Golden yellow hues began to light up the sky behind us.

The skies continued to give us a colorful display, onto a bright orange. The rain no longer a worry, we stopped often to take in the beauty.

Shades of pinks and purples with a little yellow and orange became our picture frame. A beautiful display of colors engulfed the sky, giving us a spectacular show.

And finally, just before heading over the saddle, a pink fluffy cotton ball! Truly amazing!

The sun was setting over the horizon just as we came over the saddle, but it was gone before we made it around the mountain.

What a beautiful night for a hike! I am so grateful we came here. From the sun shining brightly on the desert, to the beautiful colors of the sky and finally the last little bit of a sunset….made for a most wonderful hike!

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