Day 304 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

January 23rd, 2017 ~ Day 304

I began my hike from the parking lot on 67th Avenue. Instead of doing the easy flat trail, I decided to head uphill. The trail was wet again from the rains. Treading as lightly as possibly, I tried not to destroy the trail and get mud on my shoes. Thunderbird mountain is a heavily trafficked mountain and the trails are mostly packed dirt, but there are still some parts of the trail that can be muddy. I’d hate to be the one to destroy a trail.

I made it to the mountain in time to receive a break in the rain. It had been raining all day and luckily at 5 p.m., once I got off work, was the perfect time for a hike. The clouds were still hanging in the sky, but I received a little bit of sunlight with a break in the clouds.

Once I make to the highest point I would be hiking today, the colorful clouds began to arise from the sun beginning it’s decent. The colors all around me were so rich from the rain. Lucky for me it didn’t rain on me while hiking, but I was able to see the beauty of it all.


The color of this barrel catcus is so amazing to me. I feel like this shouldn’t be so colorful, it’s too early in the year for the colors to be so vibrant. Maybe it’s from the rain. Maybe the rain has washed all the dust off this cactus and that’s why it’s so beautiful! Who knows. I’m just grateful to be out on a mountain enjoying another beautiful hike!

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