Day 300 ~ Lookout Mountain Phoenix, AZ

January 19th, 2017 ~ Day 300


Can you believe it? I’ve been hiking for 300 days! 300 days in a row I have made it to the trails to go hiking every single day. Sometimes long, sometimes short, but I’ve made it out here everyday! I feel very accomplished to have come so far. I can’t say when the last time was that I’ve set myself up for something and actually finished what I’ve started. For the first time in my life, I have set myself up for something and I’m going to complete it. No matter what happens in life. 

Eric wanted to share this day with me, since he’s been with me on each of my milestones. I’m so grateful he’s apart of this journey. My biggest supported!

We decided to meet at the 16th Street trailhead for Lookout Mountain. Taking the 308 Circumference Trail, we headed east from the parking lot. 

The ground was damp and the skies were cloudy. The air cool and crisp. We brought our rain jackets in case of rain. Another beautiful day in this life!

Stopping to take a picture of a cairn on top of the trail post, with Lookout Mountain behind, it began to sprinkle. Nothing too heavy, but it rained for the remainder of our hike. Good thing we had our rain jackets. 

Coming back around the north side of the mountain, we decided to take a different route. This would take us partially down the trail the heads straight up to the top of the peak. A little bit trickier with all the loose gravel, but we made it without injury. 

It was getting darker as we headed back to the trailhead. The city lights became brighter and the clouds seemed heavier. 

It was a beautiful evening hike! A great way to spend my day 300!!! Love this life!

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