Day 299 ~ Trails 100 & 101 Phoenix, AZ

January 18th, 2017 ~ Day 299

299 days! Wow I can’t believe I’ve come this far! I needed to do something different today, something other than Thunderbird Mountain, so I headed over to the North Mountain Visitor Center for my hike. Without a lot of time, I knew I could get a mile and a half in doing the trek I did when I volunteered for the Phoenix Summit Challenge. 

The sun shining brightly in the sky blinded me. My hike began on Trail 100 heading directly into the sun. I was anxiously awaiting the moment when I would be heading east, picking up my pace I tried to get there as soon as I possibly could. 

Green grass all around the preserve. I find it so amazing! Only in Phoenix, in the middle of winter would grass be growing. I hiked Trail 100 only for three quarters of a mile before I made my turn onto Trail 101.

Heading uphill on Trail 101, just around the bend at the top of this hill is where I sat for the Phoenix Summit Challenge. Horrible memories of that day still upset me. One day I know I’ll be able to look back on that day and laugh, but today isn’t that day. It is definitly a day I will never forget!

After about a half mile on Trail 101, you have two options. Either you can continue on the trail to the right, which will take you to Trail 44 up to the top of North Mountain or you can take a left on what seems to be an unnamed trail. I would be taking the trail to the left as it will bring me back to the Visitor Center. 

A well worn trail, I’m not sure I’m supposed to be on, traveled along 7th Street. There were signs to stay out of certain areas and do not enter, but the direction of the signs led me to believe they were for the area behind the sign, not for this trail, so I continued on making my way back to the trailhead.  

I completed my mile and a half in no time. One more day on this journey making it another beautiful day in this life!

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