Day 297 ~ Thunderbird Mountain ~ Glendale, AZ

January 16th, 2017 ~ Day 297

A couple of hot air balloons were hanging in the sky off in the distance to the west just as our hike began. Although barely visible in my photo, they seemed so large in life. It was a nice reminder of our day yesterday at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Lake Havasu, where we had an opportunity to stand amongst the balloons and watch dozens of them take flight. 

Heading back home from Lake Havasu this morning, Eric and I decided to hike once we were home rather than in Lake Havasu again. After a three day weekend away, I think everyone was ready to get home. Our plan, to hike a two mile loop at Thunderbird Mountain. 

We parked in the middle lot off 59th Avenue to begin our hike. Since it was the middle of the day, on a holiday, the trails were crowded. We barely found a parking spot. 

There were so many people on the trails! We weren’t headed for the peak today, so once we arrived at the flat trails over by 67th Avenue, it was less crowded and we enjoyed more of a peaceful hike. 

Just before we headed downhill I captured the sun, shining brightly in the sky. Since it was the middle of the day, we came too early for the sunset, but you can tell it’ll be a great one by the clouds in the sky. I love our Arizona sunsets!

Once we started heading north uphill on the trail again, we started seeing more people. Not quite as many as when we first began. 

I’m grateful we made it out here, I really wasn’t in the mood today to go hiking, but I’ve come this far. There’s no stopping me now. Even though I didn’t want to come here, once I was here, I was happy I came. I love being outdoors!

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