Day 296 ~ Chemehuevi Wash Trail Lake Havasu, AZ

January 15th, 2017 ~ Day 296

Eric and I began our hike through the Chemehuevi Wash. Finding this trail online, the description said that you would end up at water, and that is all that I wanted for today’s hike, to see water.

Not being familiar with the area, I really had no idea where we were going. The description said to follow the wash for two miles and you will end up at the lake, so we did. Hiking through a wash, I figured we couldn’t get lost. All I really wanted was to see the Colorado River on one of our hikes this weekend.

Continuing through the wash, the views were amazing. The sand was somewhat difficult to walk through. It’s definitely harder on the legs. We found so much garbage along this trail. Making it a game, we began counting the tires that ended up in the wash, we found eight total.

After about two miles we came to the incredible views of the Colorado River. I’ll never forget the first time I touched the Colorado River…

On March 6th, 2016 a group of friends and I planned to hike the Grand Canyon. We would be taking the South Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch and back up Bright Angel Trail. This would be my first time hiking this route, and my first time hiking to the Colorado River.

I just had to touch the Colorado, and so that’s what I did. Little did I realize, I didn’t have to hike the 6.3 miles with 4800 elevation loss to get here, that’s not including the 10 miles or so plus elevation gain to get out. I later figured out there are many places to touch the Colorado River, and I’ve been given the chance to experience this many times since, but I’m happy that the Grand Canyon was my first time!

The trail not only ends at the water, it also ends up at BLM campsites. There are two of them, each with picnic tables and restrooms. Just another item to add to my list of many things I plan to do in my future. I pray God gives me enough time in this life to do it all!

We climbed uphill over the campsites to get a better view. I’m grateful that we climbed up here and I’m grateful we didn’t miss this spectacular sight! I can’t wait to camp here and enjoy this beauty!

I found out later, Lake Havasu is split down the middle with the Colorado River on a map, by the Arizona/California state line. So we officially ended up at Lake Havasu, but technically we were seeing half Lake Havasu and half the Colorado River.

Heading back to the trailhead, we trudged our way through the sandy wash. Leaving the beautiful water behind. Heading back, we realized the wash was much wider. Luckily the trash was there as it made for great cairns.

Just before our hike was complete, we saw people above us on the mountain, on what seemed to be a trail. Curious how they got there, because hiking a trail rather than a wash would have been much easier, we saw the trail they took just as ours ended. Just to the right of the wash. Next time we will be doing that trail.

Following our trash cairns, we made it back to the car without an issue. Our hike, a total of four miles. Just another beautiful day in this life!

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