Day 294 ~ Sara Canyon Trail (Sara’s Crack) Lake Havasu, AZ

January 13th, 2017 ~ Day 294

Traveling to Lake Havasu for the weekend to visit family, Eric and I left the family behind to go exploring. 

After talking to a friend in Phoenix, who happens to be from Lake Havasu, I took her recommendation to hike Sara’s Crack or by it’s official name, Crack in the Mountain. A slot canyon formed by the lower Colorado River. A three mile trail that ends emptying into Lake Havasu. 

Not quite sure how or where to begin, I found the Sara Canyon Trail on my app, so that’s where we started our hike. I was completely unaware of my surroundings and I wasn’t even sure if this trail would take us to what I was hoping for, but it was a hike in a beautiful area. 

From the moment we began our hike, beauty surrounded us. We followed the yellow signs marking a trail, not quite sure if we were on an actual trail, as we hiked through a wash most of the time. There were little trails on the side of the wash and we would go up and over the hills, but only when they were next to the wash. We weren’t prepared to get lost in a new area for the first time. Hiking through sand is a lot harder on the legs than you would think. The trails provided solid ground to walk on, so we hiked on the trails every chance we could. 

It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. As we hiked through the wash, we could see people on other trails above. I’d love to get a map and really get out here and explore. Whenever I discover new territory, I only find more to explore, which seems to always leave my list of to dos longer.

Snapping a photo of the beautiful colors surrounding us, we had to have a little fun and took a shadow picture. Bright blue skies surrounded us for the entire hike which just added to our beauty. 

After a mile or so, we began hiking through a canyon. I still wasn’t sure if this was Sara’s Crack, yet it was still amazing to see. Little did we know what was up ahead.

The walls around us started to get higher and the canyon floors became closer. We were being closed in by the canyon. Assuming this must be the place, we continued on, amazed by the beauty surrounding us. 

You could see we were heading for the slot canyon. Every step we took became a better view. Surprising us with its beauty. The walls kept closing in around us. 

We had to climb down a drop in the wall, at least six feet. Luckily they provided us with a rope. A little more fun in our adventure. 

These are some of the most amazing views I have ever seen. The walls came closer and closer. Eventually we were squeezing through the rock to move forward. After only a short while, we decided to turn around. In unfamiliar territory, with no preparation, we weren’t interested in ending up on the news. 

Capturing what I was seeing on video, made this trek so much more. A little piece  for me to remember the spectacular beauty of what I’ve just see. Every turn, like a maze of nature’s beauty. It amazes me the effects of water and time. 

Climbing out of the canyon, I hated to leave. We only made it half way through the canyon. Next time I will be more prepared and know what to expect. I want to go back and finish this hike. This has been one of the most amazing places I have ever been to!

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