Day 293 ~ Slate Trail to Flume Trail Cave Creek, AZ

January 12th, 2017 ~ Day 293


Today I took my oldest son up to Cave Creek Regional Park to get some more mileage in for the 100 miles in 100 days challenge. Fingers crossed I can actually get enough miles to complete this goal. 

Beginning on the Slate Trail, a trail I had first done only a couple of weeks ago, we started where Eric and I had finished the last time. The Slate Trail itself is an in and out hike about a mile one way, but it intersects with the Quartz Trail and the Flume Trail, so you can connect with another trail for a longer hike if you choose. Today we will be exploring new territory and connecting with the Flume Trail. 

Shortly after we began our hike, I noticed a trail off to the right and I could see the most absurd looking cactus. I had to go check it out, I hadn’t noticed it the last time I was here. I have never seen anything like this before. Maybe it has some sort of mutated gene? After trying to find out more information, I could only find the name, the Michelin Man, in reference to this amazing saguaro.

The Slate Trail is an easy mostly flat hike. Traveling along the trail there were more saguaro cacti to be seen. The Cave Creek Regional Park is one of my new favorites in Maricopa County. I love that I’m getting the opportunity to explore more of it. 

After our first mile, we made a right, turning onto the Flume Trail. We set out to explore new territory and see more of what this park has to offer. As we began, you could see a little bit of blue skies off in the distance, peaking out beneath the overcast skies above. 

The Flume Trail began and we were hiking along a dried creek bed, and eventually we were hiking through the creek bed, then back on the trail. Luckily it was dry. The Flume Trail was just as easy as the Slate Trail, but with a little more elevation. A mountain to the east and a small hill the the west, we headed south with amazing views of the valley. 

Eventually we were hiking along the trail, next to people’s back yards. Soon this trail would lead down a dirt road along Carefree Highway. That didn’t appeal to me, so once we made it to one mile on this trail, we headed back to the trailhead. 

Heading back the views were so beautiful. I began to realize how lucky I am. To be out here in nature and know, you only get to see this by taking a hike. 

My son and I hiked a total of just over for miles. It was a great way to spend the day with my baby boy. I’m happy at least one of my children share my love of hiking. 

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