Day 290 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

January 9th, 2017 ~ Day 290

I’m so glad I skipped my morning hike, for the amazingly spectacular views I was able to see on this evenings hike. From the moment my hike began, the clouds hung over me, in a beautiful array. 

Sometimes things don’t go as we expected, and when that happens, it somehow can end up better than we ever thought it would. Today is a perfect example. Not wanting to get up and make it to the trails this morning, I rushed here after work to try and get my hike in before I made it home to my children. 

Coming up over the ridge, I caught the beginning of what could possibly be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The golden yellow glow of the sunset with the blue clouds was beautiful. I had no idea this was just the beginning. 

The skies began to glow a bright fiery orange with a hint of red. I would stop to snap a picture and stare in awe until the next time the beauty of the sky would have me frozen with awe and wonder. 

The clouds from the east began to turn pink and red. The entire sky was aglow, as the color of red surrounded me. 

It continued on, becoming more and more amazing. Purples and blues added to the depth of the red, orange and golden yellow. 

And so it continued. I was stopping constantly. I was torn between continuing to hike or waiting out the sunset. I needed to get home, so I kept on hiking, still stopping every minute to capture the next amazing view. 

The sky lit up with even more beauty as I continued hiking. Now heading uphill to catch a better view. 

It only continued to get better. This may be one the best sunsets I have ever been able to capture. 

And finally before I headed over the ridge, my last view of the sunset before it was gone. All of these beautiful colors happening in only about ten minutes and the finale, a beautiful fiery red sky! 

Shortly after heading downhill, the colors had faded and it began to get dark. My day of hiking hadn’t started as I expected, but it turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined. It was definitely a beautiful day for a hike!

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