Day 289 ~ Pemberton Trail to Tonto Trail Fountain Hills, AZ

January 8th, 2017 ~ Day 289

Our morning began by not taking the right turn. We were able to capture the beautiful glow of the sunrise. A beautiful scenic view to get the day started. 

Heading to the McDowell Mountain Regional Park with a few of my fellow Happy Hikers, our plan was to hike nine miles on the Pemberton and Tonto Trails. When asked if anyone was interested in doing this hike, I jumped at the opportunity, trying to get as many miles as I can on this 100 miles in 100 days challenge. 

From the moment we began this hike, the views were breathtaking. The last time I was here it was raining, today there was nothing but sunshine. A beautiful day for a hike!

Soon after we began, we found and old homestead just off the trail. The Pemberton (P-Bar) Ranch. We could see the cement from where a house once stood and off in the far corner stood the frame of and old windmill, laying on its side. A little piece of history. ❤

Also on the ranch there was a well. Reading up on it, the well was artesian water pushed up from the ground. I’m not sure if this little pond is part of the well, but it was nice to see water in the middle of this desert, with a mountain in the background. What a beautiful place to live. 

A beautiful, leafless tree, surrounded by green grass. With the blue skies and white clouds, a beautiful sight to see. Finding something so simple yet amazing is the reason why I love hiking. 

We hiked a good seven miles on the Pemberton Trail before turning onto the Tonto Trail. Just as we began the Tonto Trail, we had to walk through this rustic fence. So much history here, I love that I’m getting the opportunity to explore, to see all that I can see. 

The sun beginning to shine brighter as we continued on the Tonto Trail. It was starting to get a little warm out. My legs were getting sore, but I continued on without complaint. I was almost at my twenty miles for this weekend. 

Finally after 9.4 miles, we were done. A great group of ladies to join me on this hike. The McDowell Mountain Regional Park is another one of my favorite places, I really can’t wait till the day I have time to get out here and explore the entire park. One day!

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