Day 288 ~ Charles M Christiansen Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

January 7th, 2017 ~ Day 288

Meeting the Happy Hikers for a hike this morning, we set out on our trek to hike the entire Trail 100, beginning from the 40th Street trailhead. Deciding to hike the section from Tatum to 40th Street after we finished the first half from 40th Street to 7th Avenue, if we were up to it. 

Hiking the Trail 100 has been a goal of mine ever since Rene, with Trail Mix, took us on our summer adventure, hiking the entire trail in four sections. I was able to complete most of the trail, but due to time restraints, I had to leave early a couple times and I was never able to do it in its entirety. So today, I will embark on a new adventure to try and complete the Trail 100.

The skies were full of clouds, which made for a cooler morning. Without the sun shining directly on us, it made for a beautiful day to hike a ten mile trek. 

After taking a photo of the first Trail 100 sign, I decided to see if I could get 100 photos of the Trail 100 sign. 

Keeping a good pace we made our way through the preserve. At one point, we made a wrong turn. Missing parts of the trail, we got off track but we were able to find our way back on trail. Always an adventure!

So many amazing views throughout this hike. It still amazes me that we are in the middle of a city. From this view, it looks like we are in the middle of nowhere. 

Just after the Dreamy Draw Trailhead, we headed through our first of three tunnels. This tunnel travels under Highway 51. 

Coming up to Cave Creek Road there were towers along the trail. I had never made it to this section of the trail before, so the trails were all new to me. I enjoyed the opportunity to hike in a new place. 

A little bit of fall colors just after we hiked through the Cave Creek Road tunnel. An unexpected surprise. I was back on familiar territory having hiked this section of the trail before. 

Coming up the trail about a mile before the North Mountain Visitor Center, we found a lost dog. A few people from our group went to try and catch him, without any luck. We had seen a sign for a lost dog at the Cave Creek Tunnel, so one of the girls ran back to call the number because it looked like the lost dog on the trail. After waiting for about a half hour, they did the best they could, we were on our way again. Hoping the dog will be okay. 

Hiking through the Enchanted Forest, just before the 7th Street tunnel, there were smells of food being grilled. Wafting through the trail, it smelt amazing! Definitely made me hungry. My feet were getting sore by this point and we still had a couple miles to go. 

After the last tunnel we were almost done! Only a mile or so to go, we missed the actual trail at the trail end of the hike. There are so many trails blazed, we couldn’t tell. 

It was a great hike! Over ten miles on the Trail 100. I am so happy I came out today to attempt this awesome hike. After the time it took us to get this far, I decided I wasn’t going to do the first stretch of the trail. This just means I have to come back and do it again. I think next time I’ll start at 7th Avenue. I’m looking forward to the next adventure. 

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