Day 286 ~ Deem Hills Phoenix, AZ

January 5th, 2017 ~ Day 286

The sky was beginning to color when I arrived at the trailhead. I was hoping to make it to the trail before the sunrise. I began my hike on the Circumference Trail at Deem Hills, heading east. Choosing this direction because I wanted to get a little elevation in, since I was short on time, yet again! In a race against the clock, I went as fast as I could trying to at least make it to the saddle before turning around.

Climbing up to the saddle is always the hardest part for me, at least on this portion of the Circumference Trail. Most of the trail is flat or has a slight gradual incline. Here, just before the saddle, is a steeper uphill climb. I pushed on trying to hurry and became out of breath, but I made it.

Once at the saddle, I snapped a photo of the views beyond, a foggy morning where the peaks of the mountains touch the clouds. I love this side of Deem Hills. On the north side there is nothing, no houses, just beautiful desert with mountain views.

As I turned to head back to the trailhead, the colors of the sky became more vibrant, more beautiful than ever. Like a colorful ocean wave casting it’s beauty across the sky. I love our Arizona sunrises!

Racing back down the trail, from where I came, was much easier. Downhill is most always easier. My hike today was a total of 1.75 miles. Enough for me to continue on this journey of hiking everyday for 365 days, and to think, I only have 79 days to go. Time is running out! So many adventures I want to go on while on this challenge. We will see where God takes me. ☺
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