Day 285 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

 January 4th 2017 ~ Day 285

Not wanting to hike Thunderbird Mountain while the kids are out of school, I finally broke down and came to my mountain. It’s the closest to my house and even if I only save five minutes of driving, it’s the easiest to get to for me. 

Since I was coming here, I decided to do the north east mountain. Having not been here in a couple months, I noticed the trails were landscaped even more than before. It looked like a different trail. What I noticed even more was a sea of green, where normally it would dried dead grass. It was a welcoming sight to see. 

I caught a glimpse of the last little bit of sunrise. A hint of golden light across the horizon. 

Seeing so much green grass lately still has me baffled. In all these years, I never realized there would be grass growing around the trails. At Thunderbird Mountain especially! How could I have never noticed?

A beautiful view across the valley with the White Tank Mountains in the background. The sunrise casting a yellowish glow through what looked to be like smog. The air was cool and crisp, you think it would fresh, but in the middle of the city that’s not quite so. Just look at the skyline. Who knows what gunk I’m breathing in. 

The sun coming over the mountain made it look like the cactus was on fire. 

I made it to the top of the mountain where the flag stands tall buried deep in a pile of rocks. I took a moment to see the beauty surrounding me before I made a loop around the flag and headed back down the mountain from which I came. 

My last view from the summit before I headed back down the mountain. I decided today would be an in and out hike. Hiking down the south side of this mountain makes my knees crack. A steep downhill slant, it’s the only trail I’ve found that does this. I decided to skip it today. Climbing down the way I came was much easier and with a 2.3 mile hike, the milage is the same either way you go. I’m happy I came here today. It was a beautiful day for a hike!

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