Day 283 ~ Go John to Quartz to Slate to Overton Trails Cave Creek, AZ

January 2nd, 2017 ~ Day 283

In trying to complete this 100 miles in 100 days challenge, Eric and I headed over to the Cave Creek Regional Park to add some more miles onto my trek. Beginning on the Go John Trail, the amazing trail that catapulted my love of hiking, we began our hike. 

It was a slightly overcast sky, with the sun casting it’s rays through the clouds as we began. A little bit of a chilly morning out, but not too bad. The ground still wet from the recent rains made it feel a little cooler. 

The views of this park are absolutely amazing. We could see beautiful mountain ranges off in the distance and because of the rains, there was so much green. Thank goodness for this 100 miles in 100 days challenge, or I would never get out here to explore all of these amazing trails. 

As we climbed up the Go John Trail, we ran into some horses along the way. I think they may have been Rangers taking their horses for a ride. There were three of them, all beautiful. I love seeing horses in the trail. A little bit of added beauty in nature.

The amazing scenery continued on as we turned off the Go John Trail onto the Quartz Trail. Soon after we began the Quartz Trail, we heard them, coyotes. Frozen, yet again, we listened to what sounded like babies howling for their momma. Since I wasn’t alone, I asked Eric if we could continue on and face my fear. So we did and we didn’t see a single coyote. 

While hiking on the Quartz Trail, we were hiking in crushed slate. The slate was crunching under our feet as we hiked. The slate, as it reflected off the sun’s rays had a bright sheen. Another added beauty to this wonderful place. 

There are so many saguaro cacti in this park. As we were looking at all the different shapes of saguaro around us, I was telling Eric how you never see the one they portray in all the photos. As I was saying this, Eric points this cactus out to me. I think this may be the first time I have ever seen a perfectly shaped saguaro cactus. 

Eventually we made it to the Slate Trail, where we found an enormous piece of quartz. I found it ironic, slate on the Quartz Trail and quartz on the Slate Trail. This trail is all downhill until you come to flat trails, making it an easy finish for our hike. 

A form of what looked like moss, covered the small pieces of quartz along with the ground in this area. A beautiful mixture of color. 

We made it to the end of the Slate Trail and came upon the Overton Trail. A quarter mile or so, hiking along the road, and we were back at the car. 

I could never get tired of this place, there’s just so much to explore it here. Grateful for all the opportunities this life has to offer and I love exploring new territory. Always an adventure! Life is good!

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