Day 280 ~ Scarlett Canyon Phoenix, AZ

December 30th, 2016 ~ Day 280

Located north of the 101 just off Cave Creek Road, is Scarlett Canyon tucked away at the end of a quiet road. The parking lot is a small rainbow shaped lot, that can hold maybe five cars and the trailhead sign is missing. Here the trails have absolutely no trail markers. It’s a great place to go exploring.

Darkness surrounded us on the trail as Eric and I began our hike, yet the light from the sun was beginning to rise and lit up the sky off to the east. Since the trails have no markers, we navigated our way through the desert landscape with huge boulders surrounding us.

We started heading west then south west around the base of the mountain. As the skies began to open and offer us light, we were able to manage the trail a little easier.

Once at the center of the mountain on the west side, there is a crossroad. You can continue heading north or take the trail that heads to the saddle, we decided to head to the saddle. With only a little knowledge of this trail, I have yet to explore past this junction, and of course I’m on a time restriction. It began to brighten even up more as we began to climb up the mountain.

As we were climbing up, we heard an owl hooting, and although my zoom made it blurry you can still see his shape on the rock. How amazing is that?

We climbed a little higher above the saddle to watch the sunrise. We sat on a rock enjoying the views of the valley below. The colors were so beautiful! This is what I live for! One day time will not matter, I will have no place to be and will be able to enjoy all life has to offer even more.

Once I realized the sunrise wouldn’t be for another 21 minutes, we decided to head on down the mountain.

Navigating our way down was a little difficult. We took a couple wrong turns, stopping to assess, until we could find the narrow trail again. The colors of the sunrise were becoming bolder as we made our way down. Just another reason to be outdoors hiking. We made it back to the trailhead in under two miles. It was another beautiful day for a hike.
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