Day 279 ~ Sunrise Mountain Loop Peoria, AZ

December 29th, 2016 ~ Day 279


Sunrise Mountain, located in the west Valley, in the city of Peoria, has over four miles of hiking trails. I arrived at the trail around 7am, parking at the city park. Just as I stepped out of the car I felt the wind. It was so strong and whipping around around me like crazy. 

From the parking lot, I headed through a neighborhood trail to get to the actual trailhead of the mountain. It’s an easy quarter mile level path made of sand.

Once at the trailhead, I began a gradual uphill climb, with little elevation. This trail is like a Rollercoaster with all its ups and downs. 

I haven’t been on this trail in over a month, not since we did the Four Peak Challenge. I love this mountain in that there are so many trails you can take and see the beautiful scenery surrounding you in different directions. There are four summits and at each peak they give you an option of easy or difficult. I skipped the first peak and went around the base of the mountain. I’ve been up there once and decided that day, that was all I needed. 

At the base of the second peak I decided I would take the difficult trail uphill. Knowing I was short on time, I wanted a harder hike with less milage. The easier path was longer and I wanted to make it to the top to see the views. 

The wind was blowing stronger than ever as I climbed higher. Have you ever seen a cactus sway in the wind? I hadn’t until today. This monstrous cactus was swaying so much so, I thought it may topple over. I didn’t stay next to it for very long. 

The views surrounding me at the summit were so amazing. Another reason why I love this mountain, you can see for miles. The best part is that most of the view, farther away, is still untouched by humans with so many mountains in the distance. 

I decided once at the second peak, I wouldn’t have time for the third or fourth, so I turned around and headed back the way I came. I was in a hurry to get to work, so I pushed harder back to the trailhead. Getting in a 2.4 mile hike today was a great start to my day. Love this life!

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