Day 278 ~ Trail 308 Lookout Mountain Circumference Trail Phoenix, AZ

December 28th, 2016 ~ Day 278

As I drove to Lookout Mountain, the sky above me was a beautiful shade of red. The entire sky was engulfed in the colors from the sunrise. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it to the trailhead in time and I was going to miss capturing it. 

I missed the red, but was blessed to see the oranges and then the yellows. Peaking over the mountain I captured my first view. It’s amazing how glorious a sunrise can be. God does good work and I’m grateful for this opportunity to be here in this moment. 

Deciding to hike the Circumference Trail at Lookout rather than climb the mountain, I immediately headed east to catch up to the sunrise. Hoping for a better view than at the trailhead where the mountain blocks your view.

Although it was almost the end of what I would consider a spectacular show, I was grateful to have the opportunity to see the beautiful colors surrounding me. As I climbed over the hill, the colors shined brighter and my joy became greater. This awe-inspiring unexpected beauty caught me by surprise. I didn’t believe I would get to see such an amazing view. The colors were so beautiful! 

The amazing color show in the sky didn’t last long. I captured the last little bit of sun as it was rising over the mountain, glowing yellow, then hiding behind the clouds once it rose. It’s amazing how brightly the sun was glowing behind those clouds. 

What an amazing sight to see first thing in the morning. Once the sun had risen, I continued on my hike now heading west. I continued on through the trails, enjoying the views of the mountains surrounding me. Wishing I had more time in life to get out here and stay longer. One day, that is my dream. 

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