Day 275 ~ Trail 100 through the Enchanted Forest Phoenix, AZ

December 25th, 2016 ~ Day 275

🌲🌲Merry Christmas 🌲🌲

It’s definitely a Merry Christmas for me! After yesterday’s hike believing my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter weren’t coming for the holiday, I made it home and shortly after they showed up surprising me! The best Christmas gift ever!!!


Leaving our families for a short while, Eric and I headed over to the North Mountain Visitor Center to hike Trail 100. Since it was the afternoon we thought we would do something we haven’t done in awhile and go through the Enchanted Forest. We started out hiking through the tunnel under 7th Street heading east on the trail. The air, cool and crisp, was perfect for an Arizona Christmas. 

Once out of the tunnel bright fluffy clouds greeted us in the sky. Also, on the other side of the tunnel to your left, we where lucky to see the horses, where they corral the Sheriff’s horses. Behind this fence you can see them.

Hiking through the Enchanted Forest, I noticed the trees seemed much more overgrown since the last time I was here. Some of the leaves were changing color and the ground was covered in fallen leaves. I love that after a couple months, even though you are on a trail you’ve hiked before, the scenery is new and different. 

More white fluffy clouds to greet us on our hike. Cotton balls in the sky. It became warmer as we hiked, but the air still crisp was refreshing for the lungs. We hiked along Trail 100 until we could make the first left. We did so, and continued back to the trailhead along an unmarked trail. A lot of trails in this preserve are unmarked. After years of people paving their own paths, you just kind of have to explore. 

Along the way we spotted some erosion in the wash, possibly from yesterday’s rain. It’s so amazing what water can do. 

Our hike was about two and a half miles. Having to get back to our families for the holidays, we didn’t want to be out there too long. It was a beautiful Christmas day hike! I’m so blessed and grateful for all this life has to offer. I’m grateful for my family, friends and the opportunity to get out here in the fresh air to go hiking. 

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