Day 270 ~ Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

December 20th, 2016 ~ Day 270

Today is the anniversary of my Grandma D’s passing. With my other grandma passing away this month, December has not been good to me. Every year on this day, for the last four year’s since she been gone, I’ve gone hiking. I think of my grandma a lot out there on the trails. I’m grateful for this year, as I get to share my 365 day journey with her. 

Eric and I met at the North Mountain Visitor Center. Hiking again in total darkness, our plan, to hike Trail 100 in and out. Due to time, it always seems to be a two mile hike. Once you get to a mile on the trail, there is a post where Trail 100 and Trail 306 intersect. This is our turn around point. Easy to find and makes it to where we can still get a couple miles in. 

Sometimes it is so hard to manage life with work and kids. Then try adding to it finding the time to hike everyday. The weather and the darkness definitely play a roll in my mood and what I feel like doing. I’m really good about talking myself out of things and making a hike less difficult, most days. I do love the challenge though and anytime a hard hike becomes an opportunity, I’m the first to say yes. I’m so grateful I chose to do this challenge. It’s teaching me balance and giving me a feeling of accomplishment. I want to accomplish so much in life, but I always need to remember…one day at a time. 

Life is short and I feel I need to make the most of it. When my Grandma D passed away four years ago, I decided to really start living. I chose my love of hiking as an opportunity to get out there and explore, to see all that I can see. Since then, I have traveled to many places throughout the states to go hiking. I’ve seen so many beautiful places and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. My list is continually getting longer. Today’s hike is for both grandma’s in heaven, who are always in my heart. 

Join me on my journey of hiking everyday for 365 days, to see all that I can see! Never miss out on a post and “like” me on Facebook and for more photos follow me on Instagram!

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