Day 267 ~ Massacre Grounds Trail Apache Junction, AZ

December 17th, 2016 ~ Day 267


Sabrina and I did an exploratory hike through the Superstitions today. I have never been to this part of the Superstitions or Massacre Grounds. An exciting new adventure awaits! 

As I read up on it, it’s a place that received its name when Apache Warriors slaughtered a party of Mexican miners. It’s an interesting story to read. The Superstitions are rich in history and hold a ton of legends. I’m enjoying the opportunities to get out here and explore more. 

A sign, without a map, stood at our trailhead. We headed out on what looked to be our trail, with the moon hanging in the sky, we began our beautiful morning hike. Immediately crossing a wash we headed into the desert. The first part of the hike follows an old road south from the parking lot, but we were no where near this so called dirt road. 

Soon after we began, we were having trouble finding the trail. Basically going back and forth in whichever direction held a clear route trying not to rub against any bushes or cacti. 

Knowing we were heading in the right direction we continued on heading east with the sensational views surrounding us, who cares if we were lost in the Superstition Mountains. People get lost all the time, why not us. 

As we were hiking along, we saw him, a man in blue hiking easily on what looked to be a trail above us to the west. Deciding he must be on the real trail we decided to cut across and up the wash through the bushes to where he was hiking. Soon we were on a trail that had cairns! How exciting! So grateful for the man in the bright blue jacket for unknowingly helping us find our way. 

The route climbed steadily through the desert landscape, taking us uphill to a distinctive rock spire towering above us. It was magnificent the way the sunlight was shining through the crack of the spire. 

As we climbed higher we gained better views of the Superstition ridgeline along with amazing views of the Goldfield Mountains and glimpses of Weavers Needle peeping over a ridgeline.

Turning to then head west along a bluff, we saw a miniature waterfall seeping through the side of the mountain, wet from the recent rain and moss surrounding the mini falls. Ahead, we again saw the man in blue stopping for a break. Deciding we wanted to say thank you for helping us, we stopped too. I also needed to get a thorn out of my leg from when we climbed up the side of that wash. 

Our man in blue, Kevin, hiked along with us the remainder of our hike. I always love meeting new people to hike with. Even if it’s just a moment where we cross paths on the trails. 

Deciding we could possibly do a loop, rather than our intended in and out, Sabrina, Kevin and I headed out on our way. We were given the chance to see a couple of people paragliding off the side of the mountain. Not something you see everyday, even when you’ve hiked 267 days in a row. This is a first for me. 

Rock spires from a different view, seemed even larger from this angle. Knowing we were just up there is pretty amazing. We headed back a short while on the Treasure Loop Trail until we came to the First Water Trail, which Sabrina and Kevin decided would take us back in the general direction of our parking lot. 

Hiking through even more gorgeous views of desert scenery and an absolutely magnificent view of the Superstition Mountain, we did make it back to our trailhead. Once there, Sabrina and I realized our initial mistake. When looking at the trailhead sign, you should head out on the trail to the right, whereas we took what looked like a trail to the left. 

It was a great exploratory hike, and my first time getting lost in the Superstitions. I learned a little more of what the Superstitions has to offer. We met a new friend on the trail. It was a beautiful day for a hike! Love this life!


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