Day 263 ~ Trails 306 & 100 Phoenix, AZ

December 13th, 2016 ~ Day 263


 A beautiful evening hike with my favorite person, Eric. Meeting at  the trailhead, we parked off Central south of Thunderbird and headed out on Trail 306. With only a half hour before the sun would be setting, we kept a good pace, trying to hike in what daylight we had. 

As we began, off in the distance we heard a dog barking, but then it would howl like a coyote. Either it was a dog or maybe it was a coyote. I’m not sure and I didn’t really want to find out so we kept on our path which happened to be in the opposite direction.  

As we headed south west, the sun was beginning to set. The golden color of the sky was just the beginning of a beautiful sunset. 

Grateful, we were given the opportunity to see the sunset with its amazing array of colors in the skies. I love or Arizona sunrises and sunsets, nothing can compare to the beauty we are so blessed to see. I feel even more blessed when I am out on the trails and I get the chance to see a sunrise or sunset. 

Once we hit the intersection for Trail 306 and Trail 100, we turned around to head back to the trailhead. Even though we had turned around, we were still looking back at the sunset until it was no more. 

Heading back to the trailhead, it began to get darker once the sun was down. We caught a glimpse of the super moon as it began its ascent over the little hill to the east. 

What a great hike! Two and a half miles, a sunset, the full moon and Eric. Life doesn’t get any better than this! TYG!

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