Day 261 ~ Van Patton Woods Wadsworth, IL

December 11th, 2016 ~ Day 261

After last night’s snow fall, the barren forest was covered in a fresh blanket of white snow. This is the stuff I lived for as a child and today was no different hiking through the snow. A beautiful white wonderland. The temperature was at 30 degrees and it felt warmer than it has the last three days. 

I began my hike at the spot where, when I was a little girl, we used to have our Sunday School picnics for church. I decided to follow the snowmobile route, because of the bright orange signs. I figured it would be harder for me to get lost. 

Crossing the frozen bridge over the partially frozen Des Plaines River, I decided to head towards the lake. 

A portion of the lake was frozen too, and where it wasn’t, the geese were swimming in the frigid water. The geese were calling like crazy and it seemed to echo. There were hundreds of them and everytime they took off for flight you could hear their honking even louder.  

I didn’t make it very far around the river, once the wind hit me I decided to turn back to the cover of the trees. 

I captured a photo of the geese flying away as I was headed back to the car. Hopefully they are headed for warmer weather. 

I made my way back the way I had come. When I came to a crossroad I decided to go a different direction through the forest. It didn’t take me very far, just a few extra steps. Today’s hike was for a total of 1.25 miles. More than I’ve been able to do in this bone chilling cold Midwest!
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