Day 260 ~ Illinois Beach State Park Zion, IL

December 10th, 2016 ~ Day 260


Another bone chilling day, at least it warmed up to 25 degrees by the time I started my hike. It also felt warmer because there wasn’t any wind. I headed over to the Illinois Beach State Park, my favorite place to hike everytime I come to visit. This is a special place for me since the day my granddaughter was born and since today was my grandmother’s funeral service, I thought it would make it another memorable hike. 

My path began through a forest of dried leaves. Everything around here has died for the winter. It adds a unique beauty to the place. Not something you get to see everyday in Phoenix. 

Soon I was walking through the sand, heading toward the beach. Once I came over the little hill, there was nothing but sand and water. The wind began to blow hard and I felt the lake effect cold. 

There is something so beautiful about Lake Michigan. The vast expanse of the water where as a child it felt like the ocean. More memories flooding back especially with my grandma’s service today. 

Yesterday I walked into the church I left 25 years ago. I wasn’t scared or nervous, which surprised me. Nothing had changed in the years since I left, everything was just as I remembered it. I saw so many people from my past today. Recognizing faces but not remembering names, it was an amazing experience to see so much of my extended family during this sad time. My grandma was a great person who was loved by many. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here for her. 

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