Day 259 ~ Sedge Meadow Trailhead Wadsworth, IL

December 9th, 2016 ~ Day 259

It was another bitterly cold day at only 19 degrees. I will never again complain about the cold weather in Phoenix. Parking at the Sedge Meadow Trailhead, which is a part of the Des Plaines River Trail, I hiked as fast as I could around a little pond. My whole goal was to hike around the pond while trying not to freeze to death. 

The biting wind attacked my face as snow flakes fell from the sky. I didn’t want to be out here, but I have to continue on this journey. So here I am trying to hike in the freezing cold dead of winter. 

The water was completely frozen. It looked like there was a beaver damn off to the south side of the pond. When I was here in July, I hiked part of this same trail. I could barely see the pond with all the green tall cattails surrounding it. Now they are long gone waiting for spring to come and bring them back to life. 

A little bit of snow on the ice. As a child we had a pond in front of our house and I would always go ice skating. I’m sure I’d fall trying to get on skates now. This whole trip has reminded me of bits and pieces of my childhood. So many wonderful memories. 

I made it a half mile. I wasn’t too concerned with mileage. I drove 15 minutes to get to this trailhead, got my boots on, and hiked in the freezing cold… this counts in my book. Adding yet another experience to this amazing journey. 
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