Day 257 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

December 7th, 2016 ~ Day 257

Parking at 67th Avenue today, I was doing an easy loop around Thunderbird Mountain. I started heading uphill the way I always used to go when I hiked with Lori. It was dark when I began and a little scarey being alone in the dark. I’m familiar with this trail, as I’ve hiked it over 100 times, it’s the fear of the unknown I’m scared of. 

I shortened my hike by a mile when I came to the base of the mountain again and headed west then north across the flat desert trail to the trailhead. I just wasn’t in the mood. I had so much to do today before I fly out to Chicago tonight. 

It started to get a little brighter as I reached the peak. The city lights shining brightly over the valley below. It’s not as scary once it becomes a little brighter. 

I decided to take a video of the darkness to really capture all that I am seeing. It’s so peaceful out here in the mornings. 

It was a quick easy hike today, yet I am still grateful for the opportunity to be out here on the trails completing my goal of hiking everyday for 365 days. After 257 days, nothing can stop me now. ☺

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