Day 253 ~ Mesquite to Willow to Ford Canyon to Mesquite Loop Waddell, AZ

December 3rd, 2016 ~ Day 253

Officially starting out on the Waddell Trail for a tenth of a mile, we then began our hike on the Mesquite Trail. It was a little chilly when we began, but soon we were taking off layers. 

It was only Kim, Kristen and Zoe today. A small group, but I was excited to hike in the White Tank Mountains again for this 100 miles in 100 days. 

The sun began to shine and the tempurature began to rise. Hiking through what felt like deserted desert, we only ran into a few people along the trail. The White Tank Mountains are a beautiful place to hike. I’m grateful in getting the opportunity to explore more of it. 

We turned off the Mesquite Trail and headed up Willow Canyon Trail for a couple miles until we reached the Ford Canyon Trail. This was going to be a nice long loop.

It was great having Zoe along, she kept us on a great pace. She was definitely in the lead for today’s hike. 

Coming to a crossroad, trying to orientate ourselves, we luckily figured out where we were. Assuming we were going to make a right turn, this could have been a much longer hike. Instead we turned left on the Ford Canyon Trail to hike or originally intended nine miles. 

Seeing the amazing views from the top of the mountain never ceases to amaze me. This is part of the reason why I go hiking. You will never get to see such beauty unless you get out there and walk to it. 

It was a beautiful nine mile hike through the desert. Having never been on the Mesquite Trail or the Willow Canyon Trail, I was excited to explore. I’m grateful for another opportunity to hike in an amazing place. Love this life!


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