Day 248 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

November 28th, 2016 ~ Day 248

Eric and I headed over to Thunderbird Mountain for an easy hike with overcast skies. It had rained last night and some clouds were still hanging in the sky. It was chilly when we began, but warmed up quickly as we began hiking. I think with the cloud cover it kept the temperature a little warmer.

We were excited to see some Christmas lights lit up along the trail. A nice little surprise for the holiday hiking season. I love the idea that the only people who will see these lights are those who are on the mountains. I’m hoping we get to see more lights before the end of the year. 

Our hike looked like a square on the map. Starting out heading west, then north, back east through the middle of the mountain, and south down the mountain to our trailhead. 

Coming back around to the parking lot, the clouds were so low, you could see them under the mountain. It’s barely visible in this photo, but was something new to see on the trails. Not something you get to see often. I love finding new things on the trails!

We hiked a total of 1.92 miles today. An easy almost flat trail hike. Sometimes you just need an easy trail to save your legs when you’re out there hiking everyday. 

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